switch to led and save moneySwitch to LED lighting & SAVE

Our LED lighting on average can save you 75% or more while offering the same or a brighter light output.

By installing LED lighting or fittings you can begin to enjoy immediate financial savings, achieve carbon reduction targets and reduce maintenance costs.

save on maintenance - switch to ledSave BIG on maintenance costs

Eliminate Maintenance – All LED lights are engineered to last a minimum of 20,000 hours.

Simply install the lights, sit back and relax.

switch to led - full spectrumInstant brightness at the flick of a switch

See the vibrant, fresh colors indoors, just as in the natural sunshine on a cloudless day. Our LED lighting is super bright, offering equivalent light output and brighter than regular lighting.

The general color rendering index promises to precisely show off its subject in the best light.

reduce your carbon footprintReduce your CARBON FOOTPRINT with LED lighting

All LEDs supplied by DiGIO Lighting Solutions are environmentally friendly. Environmentally, the reduction in electricity consumption translates into a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, LEDs have an advantage in that they don’t contain mercury like CFLs do. Reducing harmful emissions (including mercury) from power generation, and eliminating the chance of it getting into the waste stream when the bulb is disposed of is beneficial to the environment.