PAR LED Soft White Flood Series

Our PAR LED Soft White ENERGY STAR & ENERGY EFFICIENT series of flood and spot lights, in 3000K color temperatures, use at least 80% less energy. Excellent color consistency and high color rendering (CRI). The PAR20 is Energy Star Certified.

par led soft white
diGIO’s line of PAR soft white bulbs is suited to a variety of residential and commercial applications that require directional lighting where quality of light is critical such as:

    • track lighting
    • recessed down lights
    • retail display lighting
    • general household light fixtures
    • Outdoor Fixtures that Protect Lamps from the Elements

energy star - cul listed - fcc
cul listed - fcc

PAR 3000K Soft White Bulbs

Dimmable Light

diGio’s PAR series of soft white bulbs provides industry-leading light quality, output power, and efficacy.


Evenly distributed with gentle roll-off at edges


Dimmable, high efficacy (lm/W), single light source


Indoor and unexposed outdoor downlighting applications


Ultra-consistent color temperature control critical to multi-lamp applications, with high CRI and pleasing CCT options.


over 22.3 years


3 year






par led soft white 3000k


par led soft white 3000k


Model# DG-LEDPAR20D7-30R85 DG-LEDPAR30D12-30R85 DG-LEDPAR38D15-30R85
Power 7W 12W 15W
Luminous flux 435lm 800lm 1000lm
Equivalent 50W 60W 75W
Efficiency  63 lm/W 67 lm/W 67 lm/W
Power consumption 7 Kwh/1000 hours 12 Kwh/1000 hours 15 Kwh/1000 hours
Energy cost/year
3h/day & 11c/kWh
$0.85 $1.45 $1.81
Colour temperature 3000K (Softwhite) 3000K (Softwhite) 3000K (Softwhite)
Colour rendering (CRI) >82 >82 >82
Power factor >0.9 >0.9 >0.9
Beam angle 40° 40° 40°
Quick start 100%<1sec 100%<1sec 100%<1sec
Input Volt/Hz 120VAC/60Hz 120VAC/60Hz 120VAC/60Hz
Average life span >25,000 h >25,000 h >25,000 h
Average life span
with 3h/day
>22.3 years >22.3 years >22.3 years
Mercury free Hg=0.0mg Hg=0.0mg Hg=0.0mg
Can be used with dimmers Yes, with LED dimmers Yes, with LED dimmers Yes, with LED dimmers
Socket E26 E26 E26
Operating temperature -20°C -> 40°C -20°C -> 40°C -20°C -> 40°C
Dimensions Ø63mm x 89mm Ø100mm x 111mm Ø120mm x 134mm
Net weight 130g 225g 270g
EAN-number 4260238619009 4260238619016 4260238619023
Warranty 3 years 3 years 3 years
Certifications energy star - cul listed - fcc energy star - cul listed - fcc energy star - cul listed - fcc

These PAR LED Soft White bulbs are a high-efficiency & high-reliability LED source of light. Ideal for the living room, dining room, bedroom or any other room where you want soft lighting. Soft white is more relaxing for the eyes and softens the skin tone and reduces imperfections.
We all look better in soft white.