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At diGIO Lighting Solutions, we travel a distinctive path so that we can provide you high quality lamps and a first-class customer experience. We tailor a lighting solution just for you and your needs.

No matter where they’re installed, diGIO’s LED light bulbs deliver outstanding light quality while also delivering optimum energy efficiency.

Superior light. Superior performance.

LED Lighting Products

diGIO’s LED Replacement Lamps bring energy savings to a variety of lighting applications. Our wide range of products enable you to save through decreased energy and maintenance costs, combined with utility rebates, to deliver results that often exceed your expectations.

diGIO Lighting Solutions offers a wide range of LED replacement lamps for retail, hospitality, healthcare, office, commercial and home lighting applications. They have the aesthetic and practical qualities of conventional lamps, as well as having long life and being energy efficient. Energy efficiency and long life means fewer lamp replacements vs. standard incandescent and halogen light sources. In addition, these lamps contain no lead or mercury and are RoHS compliant.

Our product range covers virtually the whole spectrum of replacement plug and play retrofit lamps. Our LEDs are both dimmable and non-dimmable and include fittings for E26, PAR SERIES and T8.



Shaped like a traditional light bulb, our LED Standard bulbs are the ideal replacement for all your incandescent bulbs.




Our LED flood and spot lights shine bright, in 3000K and 5000K color temperatures, while using at least 80% less energy.




The T8 Series bringing the joy of LED to task-specific lighting. The Our LED T8s will bring new life to tube-style fluorescent fixtures.



We continuously seek to expand our product line through innovative full spectrum lighting products. By continuous research, care to customer satisfaction and listening to our customer’s needs, we will continue to be the premier supplier of full spectrum and therapeutic natural lighting products.

As more people become educated about the health benefits of full spectrum lighting, needs of the health conscious consumer will grow. And as lighting innovation evolves, diGIO Lighting Solutions will supply the most up-to-date technology available to meet the lighting needs of today.

diGIO Provides Lighting Solutions Just for YOU!

  1. We specify the lamp based on your needs for superior light quality and energy efficiency.
  2. We evaluate all the technologies that support those specs and design them into a cost-effective end result.
  3. We ensure your lamp is manufactured under high quality control and robust testing standards.
  4. We contact each customer personally to ensure that the diGIO experience was a positive one. We welcome feedback and make it a priority to read all comments.

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