Why choose ENERGY STAR certified LED products?

The single best thing you can do to fight climate change is to save energy, which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One of the simplest ways to do that is to look for ENERGY STAR – the blue label – on products like lighting and appliances. ENERGY STAR certified products meet strict technical specifications for energy performance—tested and certified.

They save energy without compromising performance in any way. Typically, an ENERGY STAR certified product is in the top 15 to 30 percent of its class for energy performance. Saving energy saves you money and reduces your impact on the environment.

There are more lighting choices available on store shelves than ever before. Even with all the new choices, it’s still simple – look for the ENERGY STAR label. ENERGY STAR means high quality and performance, particularly in the following areas:

Color Quality

  • 6 different requirements for color to ensure quality up front and over time

Light Output

  • Light output minimums to ensure you get enough light
  • Light distribution requirements to ensure the light goes where you need it
  • Guidelines for equivalency claims to take the guess-work out of replacement

Peace of mind

  • Verified compliance with more than 20 separate industry standards and procedures
  • Long term testing to back up lifetime claims
  • Testing to stress the products in operating environments similar to how you will use the product in your home
  • 3 year minimum warranty requirement

As with all ENERGY STAR products, products are subject to random testing every year to ensure they continue to meet the ENERGY STAR requirements. Find out more information on ENERGY STAR, here.