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Commercial LED Lighting

Our clients choose diGIO Lighting Solutions to illuminate their retail stores, sales counters, dealerships, offices, healthcare and animal facilities, hotels and building lobbies — places where making the right commercial lighting choice can help establish a strong visual identity and attract customers. And they appreciate our lighting advice, because displaying their merchandise to the best advantage helps facilitate sales. Let us suggest how you can achieve the right color temperature and appropriate wattage and orientation for your projects.

All our lighting products are UL and FCC listed and comply with all relevant Canadian safety standards.


led lighting for veterinary offices

Healthcare and Veterinary Facilities

In healthcare facilities and hotels, presentation and security are top concerns. Hospitals, healthcare and animal facilities have some of the most rigorous lighting requirements of any setting. Doctors and nurses must have clean, clear, bright light with superior color rendering to make accurate diagnoses, while warm, welcoming environmental lighting promotes a tranquil environment for patients and visitors.

From soft indoor lighting for patient areas to welcoming entrances, diGIO is committed to delivering the best indoor LED lighting solutions for healthcare applications. We recognize the importance of sustainable solutions that provide healthcare facilities with energy-efficient lighting. diGIO LED bulbs provide remarkably precise and uniform distribution of light. The result is consistent, controlled illumination and environments that are as inviting as they are safe.

restaurant led lighting products

Retail, Food Services & Hotels

In retail and food-service, style and sophistication win out. With outstanding color-rendering accuracy, diGIO LED ceiling lights give lighting designers a powerful tool to enhance decor and products and impress patrons. Our LED lighting is both crisp and warm – designed to create environments that exceed your guests’ expectations. From the dramatic, elegant lighting of an upscale restaurant to a softly-lit guest room, our LED lighting creates appealing visual spaces to help set you apart while lowering your energy bills
~ Indoor lighting customized to create a pleasing, comfortable atmosphere.

And because our lighting delivers superior color quality as compared to fluorescents, your customers will see the same great color at home as they did in your store.

led office lighting

Office Environments

Light has a profound effect on how we feel and plays a vital role in creating a healthy workplace.
Daylight controls our natural biorhythms, influences our mood and creates a sense of wellbeing. But daylight alone is not sufficient in most offices, artificial light is also needed to produce the right light levels. Inadequate lighting affects employees’ well being and can result in eye strain, fatigue and
poor performance, particularly in roles involving problem solving and concentration, a major cause for concern for your clients.

Our solutions can help people stay connected with the world outside the office walls, boosting vitality and improving performance. diGIO LED lighting provides comfortable, attractive and energy-efficient office environments where employees love to work and clients love to visit.

industrial led lighting products

Industrial Locations

In industrial locations, electricity consumption takes a big bite out of profits. High-efficiency diGIO LED light bulbs put the money back in your pocket. LED energy consumption is lower than other industrial lighting types. And with lifetimes of up to 40,000 hours—more than 20 years in many applications—our high quality LEDs also cut maintenance costs associated with changing lamps and provides improved lasting performance in cold storage facilities.


Just like the demise of incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lighting isn’t far behind. LED lighting offers many advantages including:

    • More energy efficient
    • Easier on your eyes
    • Able to Dim
    • No flicker
    • No degradation when turning on and off frequently
    • Long lifespan

diGIO’s commercial T8 LED lighting products are designed for the existing fluorescent lighting retrofit market. These products offer the best value in the industry in regards to product and lighting quality, efficacy, price and warranty.

In a retail environment, there are a number of potential uses for Full Spectrum LED lighting, in terms of shaping the shopping experience and in so doing, increasing sales. For example, lighting is used to create an ambiance that encourages people to stay in the shop for longer periods. It is a well known fact that if shoppers feel uncomfortable, they will leave after a short period of time. Our solution is to create the correct color temperature, imitating the sun’s light at noon. Fitting rooms have long been ignored in the overall shopping experience and placed within the store with low lighting. By introducing Full Spectrum LED lighting the customer will be able to experience the product as it would be worn in natural light. This not only benefits the customer but reduces returns due to appearing to be a different color under standard light sources.

In addition, lighting can be used to create and emphasize different areas within the store and can be easily changed without the need of any physical alterations to the fabric of the building. Different color temperatures can be used to highlight particular displays of merchandise, with the potential of maximizing impact of products such as jewellery, fabrics, food stuffs etc. Full Spectrum LED lighting has the ability to extend daylight hours in shopping malls and large stores.

Our line of PAR LED light bulbs is suited to a variety of commercial applications that require directional lighting where quality of light is critical such as:

    • track lighting
    • recessed ceiling lights
    • retail display lighting
    • general household light fixtures

Better Lighting and Big Savings

Savings are not only found in less energy usage for your lights, but also more efficiently utilizing your office space or adjusting thermostats for low utilized rooms and this makes the ROI on your investment extremely fast.

Switching to our LED lights will help slash your energy expenses, reduce your carbon footprint and help preserve the environment with an extended life time.

Start saving today.

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