Apartment & Condo Owners are Switching to LED

With the never ending increases in energy prices, apartment and condominium owners are lighting up suites with energy-efficient LEDs. They are looking for ENERGYSTAR® Qualified Lighting solutions. These are among the most energy efficient on the market and use 75% less energy. Energy-efficient fixtures ensure you get the most from energy-efficient light bulbs.

LEDs are the most efficient and durable light bulb on the market today. A 10 watt LED performs on par with a 100 watt incandescent bulb, and the LED will last 15 to 20 years. Because they have no filament or tube to break, they are also very durable. If you happen to drop or mishandle one, you will not be left with a mess of broken glass. LEDs do not contain mercury, making them a safer, more efficient way to reduce energy consumption.

Compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs have become a popular way to reduce energy usage in recent years, but there is growing concern about the mercury content of CFLs. Energy-saving fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), also known as compact fluorescent light bulbs contain small amounts of mercury, a poisonous heavy metal, which is used to produce their light. In small amounts, these fluorescent tubes along with CFLs are not legally considered hazardous waste in some areas. However, fluorescent tubes and CFLs should be safely disposed of at a hazardous waste facility (HHW).


LED products are meeting or exceeding our expectations in terms of cost saving goals through energy consumption reduction and through lower maintenance expenditures due to the substantially extended bulb life of LED lighting technology. The quality of light from these LED products is more aesthetically pleasing.apartment/condo owners are switching to led


        • LED bulbs have superior life span of at least 25,000 hours to lower maintenance cost (2.85 years @ 24 hours/day, LM70 @25,000 hours)


        • 85% less energy than Halogen Lamps, 40% more efficient than CFLs
        • Environmental friendly and recycling free: Mercury free and RoHS compliant


        • Easy to locate replacements: no rewiring involved


      • The longer life of LEDs equates to less maintenance and less waste to landfill. The “all of life” footprint of well-designed LEDs is significantly smaller than other lighting products.

    Incentives for Apartment & Condominium Owners

    If you own or manage a multi-family apartment building, either a privately-owned rental or a condominium corporation you can take control of electricity costs by upgrading your building’s equipment, improving processes and being smarter about when and how to use electricity.

    Your local electric utility has financial incentives for multi-family apartment buildings. These can be used with all types and sizes of electricity saving projects from changing your lighting system to installing equipment controls and even for the installation of a new cooling systems, for example. They can also help you with training, tools and resources for tenants.

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