diGIO Lighting Solutions is a high quality residential, mid & highrise apartment and commercial LED lighting supplier to the Canadian marketplace. Our focus is on “LED lighting systems and luminaries”. There is virtually no space or environment that cannot benefit.

We were established on the simple premise that LED technology is the only viable option in the face environmental sustainability. One significant benefit of this technology is operational costs such as lamp replacement, service, maintenance labor, and of course the ever escalating kwh cost! The demand for energy efficiency and environmentally friendly lighting is high on the list these days.

diGIO offers an established range of residential and commercial LED lighting products that have been specially developed and approved to meet Canadian conditions and standards.

Headquartered in the Greater Toronto Area, ON, Canada, diGIO strives to eliminate energy-wasting, traditional lighting technology and provide clients with energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, Full Spectrum LED lighting solutions.

Our experienced engineering and technical support team boasts an immense knowledge of the LED industry.

Since we seek to offer the very best in the field of Full Spectrum LED bulbs, floods and tube lighting, fixtures and dimmers, we advocate six fundamental values. These values guide decision-making and all company activities:
  • Respect for others;
  • Team spirit and cooperation;
  • Responsibility and commitment;
  • Outstanding customer service;
  • Continuous improvement and quality throughout the company;
  • Open communication and transparency;
We appreciate and celebrate the sun’s natural lighting benefits. It is through our dedication and innovation that we supply product lines that best reflect today’s needs for natural lighting. diGIO Lighting is dedicated to ensure that the highest quality is present in each and every product we sell.

We guarantee and stand by our products. As the supplier of the Lifelite® Full Spectrum LED line, our goal is to provide these eco-friendly products for home, office, commercial and display use.


As a Canadian family owned and operated company for over 30 years, we are one of the first builders in the area to incorporate the LED Lighting Design – Supply – Install into our company’s repertoire.

This has given diGIO the necessary skills and proven track record to assist in the Design and Supply of a wide range of residential and commercial LED lighting projects.

diGIO Lighting Solutions represents low energy, long life, minimalist design LED lighting for a cleaner and brighter future in the residential and commercial environment.


At diGIO Lighting Solutions, our mission is clear: our team focuses on excellence at every level. Our main goal is to offer the very best in the field of Full Spectrum LED bulbs, floods and tube lighting, fixtures and dimmers to eco-minded and potential clients alike, providing them with an exceptional experience and products.

We strive to eliminate energy-wasting, traditional lighting technology and provide our clients with energy-efficient, environmentally friendly Full Spectrum LED lighting. superior quality lighting products at competitive prices and provide outstanding customer service.

Our positive outlook for the future is mirrored in our support of these values and the accomplishment of our mission. At diGIO Lighting Solutions, we want to rank among the best companies in the world in the lighting business. To achieve this, we rely on top product quality, outstanding customer service and fast delivery.

We strive to offer a cooperative and stimulating work environment where employees are happy, clearly involved in daily activities and motivated by their strong commitment.

We believe that these values represent the basis of our past successes and the foundation for our future success.


Alfie DiGiovanniPresident/Commercial Sales
Alfie offers vast experience in both the residential and commercial realm. He is passionate about making the transition into a low carbon future easy for individuals and businesses alike. He has over 30 years experience in the building and construction arena.
Nancy DiGiovanniSales/Marketing/Service
Working within the Canadian and Ontario Energy Efficiency Schemes, Nancy’s focus is on building and maintaining partnerships with homeowners and companies, educating them of the benefits such schemes represent for their residential and commercial clients.