diGIO Lighting Solutions Inc. specializes in LED lighting. Our goal is to provide a one stop shopping experience and maintain a diverse selection in Residential LED Lighting, Commercial LED Lighting and Industrial LED Lighting.

LED bulbs for demanding applications

Saving energy doesn’t have to involve compromise. Displays, offices, galleries, museums and demanding environments can look precisely the way you want with diGio’s specification-grade lamps.

    • Revolutionary optic design, for precision even an art gallery can appreciate
    • Unmatched glare control, for ideal displays in museums
    • Even light distribution, for pleasant work environments
    • True color consistency that top brand retailers value

Intelligent optics, designed into every bulb, means no compromises. Whether you’re retrofitting or designing from scratch, this is a level of excellence that is noticeable in any display or work or home environment.

diGIO can help you save energy and money. Energy costs are constantly climbing and you can do something about it.

We can show you how easy it is to reduce wasted energy and reduce costs. We will help households and businesses reduce power consumption through practical action. Learn more about the diGio Lighting LED bulbs.

Our LED bulbs and tubes are chosen by homeowners, retailers, spas and galleries

Our specification-grade bulbs and tubes are tested for even distribution, color rendering, and are backed by a 3-year warranty.learn more about LED lighting

No-Trouble LED Retrofits: save up to 87% on lighting energy costs

diGIO’s consultants make it easy to plan, install to safety codes, and help find rebates with our No-Trouble LED Retrofits.

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Shop for FULL SPECTRUM LED bulbs and tube lighting online

We’ve made it easy for you to order diGIO Lighting’s quality LED bulbs online, with fast delivery virtually anywhere.

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diGIO FULL SPECTRUM lighting solutions, the closest thing to Natural Daylight!

Full spectrum light bulbs for bright and vivid colors, for visual comfort when reading or doing tasks, to reduce eye strain or simply to create a people pleasing natural lighting environment at home, in the office or for commercial installations.

Full Spectrum lighting has shown to promote a sense of well being year round, and most of all, it helps alleviate the feeling of the ‘blues‘ and SAD during winter!

diGIO Lighting Solutions is your premium source for full spectrum lighting! We carry the original Lifelite® Full Spectrum light bulb, flood lamps and tube lighting. These lighting products have a superior energy efficiency and long service life, delivering green energy while reducing the carbon footprint on the environment.

Full Spectrum Lighting is the ultimate choice for a more natural and healthier living and working environment.

See and feel the difference with FULL SPECTRUM LED Lighting!